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A Message from Oneeka Williams, MD

As you know, a literate and STEM-proficient workforce is critical to the future of this country. 

Despite the growing need for qualified STEM professionals, women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in these fields.

MY PLATFORM FOR GETTING KIDS EXCITED ABOUT SCIENCE–As a Harvard educated medical doctor and an active practicing surgeon, I decided many years ago that I would create a platform that would get kids, and especially girls and minorities, excited about science and reading at an early age. This platform would provide role modeling and messaging that inspire a love of science, technology, engineering and math as well as a belief that “Not even the sky is the limit!”  

DR. DEE DEE DYNAMO–To achieve this, I created a black girl super surgeon character, Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, whom I feature in a series of books for elementary school students. My vision is that the books, and other content that is generated under the auspices of Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, will stimulate and encourage a sustained interest in science, technology, engineering and math. 

OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH FIRST BOOK TO DONATE BOOKS TO UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN–In order to get copies of these books into the hands of underprivileged children, I have created a special Book Donations Program and partnerships with such organizations as First Book (, a respected nonprofit that provides access to new books for children in need. To date, First Book has distributed more than 115 million books to 100,000 programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada. 

Did you know that 42% of children in the United States live in low-income households with most having no age-appropriate books at home. Classrooms are also under-resourced with two-thirds unable to afford to buy books at retail prices.

THERE IS AN URGENT NEED FOR MORE DIVERSITY IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE–The Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo books also address a need for representation of people of color in children's literature. 

An Opinion piece in the New York Times (dated March 15, 2014) by author Walter Dean Myers cited the statistic that of 3,200 children’s books published in 2013, just 93 were about black people, according to a study by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Myers states that 40 percent of public school students nationwide are black and Latino, making the disparity of representation in children's literature “even more egregious.”

To encourage donations of copies of these books to schools, libraries and youth organizations, we are offering special discounts for bulk purchases. (We have asked these organizations to provide you with a receipt or letter confirming your donation, and you can check with your accountant about tax deductibility to nonprofits and schools.) 

Suggested Donations Packages (Quantity Package Options


____Super Star Package / 1000 books for $6,500 ____ Positivity / 50 books for $550

____Life without Limits / 500 books for $3,500 ____ Electric Drive / 25 books for $300

____Power Boost / 250 books for $1,999 ____ Dynamic Friends / 10 books for $125

____Mommy Dynamo / 100 books for $999 

The Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo Mission

  • Share the excitement and love that I have for being a doctor and a surgeon with young readers.
  • Create an action figure that brings strong, positive and powerful images for girls of all colors.
  • Introduce in Children’s Literature, a counter narrative to some of the stereotypical images in the media.
  • Stimulate interest in the sciences for all kids, but especially girls, by presenting learning facts in a fun way.
  • Promote the importance of literacy.

Thank you again for your interest in the mission for my books, and for more information please visit my websites at and


Oneeka Williams

Oneeka Williams, MD, MPH

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